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With more than 30 years of experience in the HP market, with buying, selling and refurbishing
HP equipment, STCS now offers exclusivly new power-supplies and new fans for the HP b2600 Workstation.
This is to provide you with a "like-new" workstation, as the b2600 will still be used unter HP/UX 10.x


A6070A, 500 MHz PA Risc 8600
total of 1 GB RAM
1 x 18.2 GB 10.000rpm SCSI LVD disc
1 x visualize fx5 graphics
1 x CD Rom
1 x HP UX 11.x preinstalled
1 x ASCII Keyboard and mouse
-90 days STCS warranty
- all interfaces, and add-ons will be tested thoroughly.

For a stable and long-running application we would recommend the following
successfully practised preventive service:
So nothing stands in the way of an optimal added value.




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- Your workstation will be thoroughly cleaned, so that all parts
will be cooled well.

- All fans (includes processor fan, and power supply fan) will be replaced by new models. We use premium industrial fans with twin ball bearing for extra long life.
MTBF 300 000 hrs (30 Years).

- As a precaution all contacts will be controlled and treated against corrosion
and for long-life optimal contact. Intermittent failures will not be a problem anymore.

- The realtime clock, with built in litium battery, will be replaced by a new one.

- Disk and removable disk will be replaced by a new one.
(capacity you need).

- send us you b2600

order the b2600-allNEW package additionally to the b2600

hd-b2600-18 new 18 GB disk in HP format, 5 years warranty
new available: 9 GB, 36 GB and 73 GB)
fan-b2600-23 System Area Fan, (92x 92 x 25mm)
2 new fans, built in bracket assembly, ready for connection
compatible with A6070-62033
All b2600 fans at a glance
fan-b2600-56 PCI Fan, (60 x 60 x 25mm)
2 new fans, built in bracket assembly, ready for connection
compatible with A6070-62034
All b2600 fans at a glance
new power supply for b2600, as perfect replacement for HP 0950-4051 with identical dimensions, identical performance and specs and fully compatible. kompatibles Power Supply für b2600
The power supply comes with a 1 Year STCS warranty.
b2600-Info All partnumbers for HP b2600 Add-ons (in German language),
we will meet your needs, whatever you need for the b2600, we will find it!
Technical Reference - HP B2600" Edition E0501 Handbook